July 19, 2017 – Phoenix, Arizona

Somerset Power Systems would like to introduce our Field Services Department, offering a straight forward, cost effective means to make certain your Uninterruptible Power System does its job, protecting your investment, keeping you online and giving you peace of mind.

“Selecting a provider for maintaining your Uninterruptible Power System (UPS) does not need to be complicated,” said Mike Gaylord, Somerset Power System’s Managing Partner. “We offer simple pricing with no hidden costs and a service staff offering their technical skills with an honest concern for your business needs.”

The number one issue companies have with service providers is communication. Somerset Power Systems will listen first, communicate clearly and keep you informed. When we are at your facility, we will provide safe effective service.

Our experience has shown that most Facilities Managers or IT Managers have many responsibilities, thus trusting that their UPS equipment is fully functional until there is a power failure. In all reality, that large box of batteries needs consistent attention to be able to provide you with reliable performance.

“My interest is to make this one part of your professional life worry free,” says Director of Service Operations. “We will not make this complicated with messy, overly-done pricing menus. We offer a selection from a straight forward menu of offerings most commonly needed in the industry with the added flexibility to provide service tailored to your requirements. Know that your UPS and battery system will be maintained in a professional manner”.

A UPS improperly maintained will cost you frustration, downtime, and extra money. Let us save you the hassle and worry that your investment is working up to factory specifications.

Starting immediately, Somerset Power Systems can provide a free assessment of your Uninterruptible Power System. Our highly trained UPS Field Engineers will inspect your UPS, batteries and bypass system. We will even take thermal images of critical components. Give us a call today to schedule an appointment. Our Director of Service can be reached directly at 602.635.4056.

We also invite you to view details of our service offerings at www.somersetpowersystems.com.